Good price, quality product and easy buying process over the phone


Jared from Scranton, Pennsylvania

Barefoot spas 88NM

Rating: 4.5

Barefoot spas 88NM Review
Soaking in my hot tub and loving every minute


This company is pretty good as far as I can tell. I haven’t had any problems, and don’t expect to.

We poured a patio earlier in the year for the grill and backyard leisure area. We knew we would want a hot tub one day, so we left room for it.

It started with filling out this questionnaire thing online, and ended with barefoot spas rep over the phone talking hot tubs with me. I decided to go with the larger model barefoot spas 88NM series M. We actually handled everything over the phone by looking at pictures and videos. It was a little weird at first, but we ended up with everything we wanted and got a really good price as well.

I’m happy with the spa and the ease of use and low maintenance. One thing it is missing is cup holders, but I made up for it and built a little mini bar next to the spa on two sides. Perfect for resting a drink or towel or whatever.

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