Deal on hot tub with damaged panel


Benjamin from Zanesville, Ohio

Barefoot spas 77LP

Rating: 5.0

Barefoot spas 77LP Review
Deal on hot tub with damaged panel


The barefoot spa I got had a damaged panel on the side towards the bottom. It looks like it was maybe from when they moved it. The scratch/crack is cosmetic only and doesn’t affect the functionality of the spa, but we got a significant discount for agreeing to take that one. The way I have it positioned, the damage is facing the house, so you cant even see it.

Even with the damage, I was very impressed by the quality of barefoot spas. I found it online, and talked to a salesman over the phone. He was very informative, and helped us out a lot. He sold me on the barefoot spas 77LP hot tub with 6 seats and the recliner bench. We use all the seats and we both really enjoy the recliner with the leg jets. My wife and I both recommend barefoot spas. I referred a few people to the same barefoot spas salesman, and he ended up sending me a visa gift card as a thank you so that was nice.

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