Soaking in my hot tub and loving every minute


Ester from White Plains, New York

Barefoot spas 77LM

Rating: 5.0

Barefoot spas 57LP Review
Soaking in my hot tub and loving every minute


For years, I wanted a hot tub. Now I finally have it because I’m at a point in my life where I could make it happen. I heard about barefoot spas from facebook. Turns out, the hot tub my neighbor has is a barefoot too, just an older one.

I am very satisfied with the hot tub, and the whole process of buying it, setting it up, etc. The way it worked was I had a guy come out to the house and see about where it can fit. We came up with a great solution. I ordered the spa, hired a contractor to build a small patio for it (and my new patio chairs and table), and about a month and a half later, it was all set up. Now, I just soak any time I want. Relaxation, and warm water on my old bones is the highlight of my every day.

Everybody I dealt with at barefoot spas was really nice. I was especially impressed with Charlene on the barefoot spas customer service hotline. Very sweet young lady. She helped me a lot in getting all this set up. This is my first hot tub and I did a lot of learning. I ended up calling her probably 20 times at least! If she couldn’t answer, she always got back to me promptly and never once sounded annoyed, even though she had to explain the same things to me a few times. Thank you Charlene for all your patience and for helping me with learning how to work my hot tub. You made this old lady very happy!

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