Owning a barefoot spa and loving it


Rory from Atlantic City, New Jersey

Barefoot spas 77LP

Rating: 5.0

Barefoot spas 57LP Review
Owning a barefoot spa and loving it


All is well with us and our barefoot spa! We got a smaller one called the barefoot spas 57LP. Its perfect for the two of us. My wife and I are loving it! Great for after the gym, and also before bed. I get in there sometimes during the day too just to relax. Talk about stress relief! Works every time. Melts it all away like it was never there to begin with!

We got ours at a hot tub show from a guy named Ezra. He was really good, and we got it delivered quickly too which was unexpected and convenient.

The only negative thing I will say is I’ve had a hard time finding filters for it. I bought an 5 pack of filters recently for it. The website said they would fit my barefoot spa model but they don’t screw in right. They also wont let me return the items!

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