Seizing pumps.. Help!


Elijah from Garland, Texas

Barefoot spas 77LM

Rating: 4.0

Barefoot spas 77LM Review
Seizing pumps.. Help!


We are currently on our second barefoot spa. The other one we had lasted a long time, and it was still working as of last year when I sold my house; the spa stayed put.

This time we purchased the medium sized spa with a recliner and large collection of jets for legs, back and even feet (those are a very nice added bonus that we did not have in our old barefoot). It says it seats up to 6 people, but its really like 4. I guess it depends on the size of the people? It is 400 gallons filled up, and 7 feet square.

The Barefoot 77LM works really well. We have been quite happy with it, and we use it daily. The problem is, the pumps get “seized” often and this happens much more than it did with our old one. It’s a hassle dealing with it, and removing the airlock. The story from barefoot spas customer service is since the pumps and motors are bigger now, they get locked up easier especially when it is not filled properly. Well, I changed the way I fill it (though the filter housing), but still having issues. Anyone have any ideas?

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