Barefoot Spas OZO purification system


Eric from Hyattsville, Maryland

Barefoot spas 57LP - Soletta Platinum

Rating: 5.0

Barefoot spas 57LP Review – Soletta Platinum model
Barefoot Spas OZO purification system


No smaller sized (2 person) hot tub beats the barefoot spas 57LP – Soletta Platinum. Everything from visual aesthetics, to ease of maintenance, to therapy benefits is absolutely top notch!

The way the flow of the jets are adjustable, and can be turned up very high (and stronger than our old 8 person spa) is the most impressive feature in this unit. It will blow you away! We love that part…

The spa is a focal point in our backyard and a centerpiece to our large concrete patio with firepit, lounge area and our outdoor kitchen. It was a perfect fit with space to walk around comfortably. It looks fantastic. I will upload a picture.

Everything I’ve mentioned is great don’t get me wrong, but the absolute BEST feature BY FAR is the new design for water purification (which we got as an upgrade in our 2020 model)It is called Barefoot Spas OZO, and it is outstanding. To our surprise, we have not had to add much of anything in terms of chemicals. Our barefoot spa rep explained the OZO to us, but I did not understand the way the system works until just recently. It is very complex. I’m not going to get in to it. Just take it from me, a three time hot tub owner, member of several hot tub forums, and avid researcher, just get the upgrade!

While the maintenance in a traditional style hot tub is really not too much, it does add up over time. Not the case with our new 57LP – Soletta Platinum. We add balancer once a month, and clean the filter once a week. Other than that, we do a yearly drain and refill. We have only added chlorine twice in almost 2 years!! And that was just because we had guests. Really just did it for safe measure. Even still, what we added was just strictly chlorine shock which does its job, shocks the water, then its gone within about 6 hours. We have never had to go to a full chlorine system like our old one. By the time the shock “shocks”, the ozonator and UV sanitizer (main components of the OZO system) have a chance to take over the purification process, and the water is ALWAYS crystal clear. This happens even when we do not add chlorine. Very very impressive design.

There have been no exceptions to the clarity levels. It is always flawlessly balanced. With my old spa, I went through a lot of test strips , and I still have the box of old chemicals in my garage. Thankfully, I have not had to use it. I remember feeling like a chemist. It was always an experiment trying new things and still never really getting it right. With this one, I actually stopped running the text strip routine after a few months because every time I used one, the strip would show completely balanced PH and Alkalinity. I soon realized, there was really no point to the process. It is so nice just not having to worry about it! The barefoot spas OZO system (two part hot tub ozonator with UV sterilizer) takes out the guess work, removes the science experiments form my life, and just simply takes care of the water for us.

As I’m sure you can tell, we strongly recommend getting the new OZO system barefoot came out with. We spent little more money, but I am so very thankful we did! You will be too… Get the upgrade!!

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  1. Are you talking about an upgrade to the factory ozo? Where did you buy yours? and what came with it (pre upgrade)? Trying to figure out if mine has the same ozonator (barefoot spas ozo) as yours…

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