Barefoot 77LM spa


Luke from Auburn, AL

Barefoot Spas 77LM

Rating: 5.0

Barefoot 77LM Spa Review
Barefoot 77LM spa


I bought my Barefoot 77LM spa used. It was only a 6 months old when I got it, and what a steal that was. The manufacturer’s stickers were still on the keypad and on the inside. Previous owners must’ve only used it once or twice because it’s in perfect condition. I had it moved for $600 across town to my house, and I hooked up the electrical conduit wires myself.

This is the 2nd used hot tub I bought. The first one was a hot spring spa. It was only about a year old when I got it, and it worked real well from the start, but then i started having problems. I had to replace the heater, and also the main circuit board of the hot tub. Then, I sold it with my house. Who knows what condition that one is in now. That was a few years ago.

I can tell right now this barefoot spa 77lm is a much better hot tub. It’s built better, and it’s more durable construction. The other big thing is the water pressure from the jets. It is at least twice as much pressure coming out compared to my hot springs. I don’t know if its because its newer, or if its got bigger pumps inside, but it really moves the water. This was a nice surprise because my old one didn’t really get it going on like this one. When I looked up the size of the barefoot spa pumps it said they’re 5 horsepower. I googled hot springs and the pump sizes are 2.5-3 hp. I guess that really does make a difference.

The only thing that doesn’t work right is the headrest in the lay down seat. The pegs in the back don’t go in the peg holes the right way. I had the same problem with my hot springs, and I know how to fix it. A small adjustment has got to be made to that, but even still, I cant complain. I paid next to nothing for the barefoot 77LM and it’s as good as new. I’m hoping to get 7-8 years out of it. We’ll see!

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