Delivered fast no issues with spa or


Stephanie from Leesburg, Virginia

Barefoot spas 88NM

Rating: 4.0

Barefoot spas 88NM Review
Delivered fast no issues with spa or


Delivered fast. No issues with spa or this company, but we had a problem with the cover. The stitching on the vinyl outside was completely stretched and ripped for like a 18 inch section on the corner. We could see completely inside the foam. Cover was brand new just like the spa.

We called the barefoot customer service hotline, and found out it’s not a barefoot cover. They don’t make or manufacture it. They had us call this other company out of Florida who makes it, and they got a new one sent to us. It took a really long time to get the replacement cover. About 3 months total, but we got it nonetheless.

The replacement is… ok. We can still tell it’s not a very good quality. If I could rate the cover alone it would be 1 star, but this review is about the barefoot spa, so it’s 4 stars. Good hot tub, bad cover.

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