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Raj from Memphis, Tennessee

Barefoot spas 88LP

Rating: 5.0

Barefoot spas 88LP Review
Hot tub order


We found barefoot spa at a convention center sale. We were looking at a swim spa, but after we strongly considered it, we realized we don’t really have the space for one. My wife and I really benefit the most from the water massage. The workout features in a swim spa re nice too, but not our focal point.

Once we were introduced to the barefoot spa 88LP, we decided it was the best fit for us. It is a really nice hot tub and the best one they make apparently. Our order was placed for a spa that was already on the assembly line at the barefoot spas factory. Later, we found out we could’ve added more features to it, so we called back and added those things on. We ended up having to wait a little longer so they could make a new one over from scratch I guess. It was pretty easy, and we didn’t have any problems with changing the order. We are supposed to get it delivered to us next month. We are both very excited!

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