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Wayne from Huntersvile, NC

Barefoot Spas Reviews

February 17th, 2020
Rating: 5.0

Barefoot Spas 88LM
Worth it


My Barefoot Spas makes my body feel real good after a long day of work, sore muscles, from what I do throughout the day. It makes me feel young again and not so old and achy all the time! I just started using it in the cold, and its so nice with the steam! From what I can tell, a Barefoot Spa should last a long time. It is put together pretty good. As long as you take care of it, and do a little maintenance from time to time, it should be just fine.

My Barefoot Spas 88LM model is white color on inside and grey on outside. My wife didn’t like the color at first, but now she doesn’t care anymore. We use the spa to relax, who cares about the color? No one else will care what it looks like. We were about to get a pool, but we settled for a hot tub for now from the pool store. It was expensive, but worth it for us. We deal with pain all the time and didn’t want to get something cheap. Go big or go home, and while you’re home… why not relax in a really nice hot tub!

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