Barefoot wiring not included with purchase


Roy from Greenville, South Carolina

Barefoot spas 77NM

Rating: 5.0

Barefoot spas 77NM Review
Barefoot wiring not included with purchase


The barefoot spa crew had the install scheduled and they had to reschedule it because of weather and thunderstorms. Not sure why it took so long for them to come back. It was 4 days later. By that time, the electrician already ran the conduit, but then he had to come out again to connect the wires after they finally got it put up on my deck.

Also, they don’t hook it up, and the wiring was not included with purchase. I could’ve swore they said it was included which was frustrating. I had to hire an electrician just for that part. The only good thing is didn’t cost as much as we thought. Ran me a little over $250. I was gonna do that myself to save money, but I watched the guy do it, and turns out, I don’t know what I’m doing at all! I’m glad my wife talked me in to hiring somebody for that part.

Don’t get me wrong, we love the spa. It was just a little bit of a rough start with the set up. It looks great, wife is happy, kids are happy, I’m happy.

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