My wife is thrilled


Mike from Palm Valley, FL

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October 9, 2019
Rating: 5.0

Barefoot Spas 77LP
My wife is thrilled


I bought the Barefoot Spas 77LP for my wife for a birthday present in August. She’s thrilled with the hot tub. She uses it pretty much every day. I even use it more than I thought I would. THsi hot tub is really nice and we’re both happy with it.

Couple things: Barefoot staff was helpful and professional. They worked with me on the timing of my order and also keeping things discreet in dealing only with me because it was a surprise, AND they delivered as promised right on her birthday!

The hot tub is easy to use thanks to the ozone machine component. I used a similar type of ozone technology at work, but I never knew you could use it on a hot tub. My old one used way more chemicals. With the ozone, all we do is put in a little bit of shock from time to time. We haven’t really had to balance the water as it stays balanced. I think this is from the ozone as well because it is supposed to sanitize and balance the levels of the water. I really like this part because I’m the one who takes care of it and does the maintenance on the pool and the hot tubs we’ve owned. Pretty easy if you ask me!

The one thing I’m having a hard time with already is the lid. It’s not easy to get on and off, and it’s showing wear and tear already. I’m sure I’ll need to replace it within the next year. I wish we would’ve gotten a better lid with it. They had better ones for sale when I bought it, but I decided to go cheap and I’m paying for it now.

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18 thoughts on “My wife is thrilled”

  1. I’m having the same problem with my barefoot spas 77LP lid/cover. Mine is three inches thick at its thickest point, and it goes down to like two inches or so on the sides. Is yours the same?

  2. Hello. I came across this post. I too have the barefoot spas 77LP. We got a really good cover with ours. It wasn’t an upgrade or anything like that. I think they just included the good one when I bought it. We got ours at a traveling trade show type place from Barefoot spas.

  3. The cover that came with my barefoot spas 77LP is 5 inches in the middle, and it tapers down to like 3 inches I think. I would have to measure, but I’m pretty sure thats it. I know for sure it’s 5 inches thick in the middle. It tapers for water run off when it rains. Mine also has little safety latches on the side. I still need to connect those. I don’t really see the point because I don’t have kids or neighbors.

  4. The barefoot spas 77LP cover was an upgrade on mine, but I don’t know how much it costs to buy it outright. They said i would need to buy one eventually, but “good cover” should last 5-7 years. I was under the impression a really good one costs $700-900. Not really sure. If you find something, let me know, because I’m sure I’ll need to replace it eventually!

  5. I called around some places, and didn’t get anywhere. Everybody is out of covers because of COVID. Hard to believe, but I guess it happens and kind of makes sense. People fixing up their old hot tubs and what not…

  6. My cover for the barefoot spas 77LP model seems to be holding up ok, but I can tell we will need to replace it before long. Why don’t they just give you the good cover to begin with? Yeah, mine is barely 3 inches at its thicket point. I put a box (about 25 pound weight) on the cover the other day and I think I heard the foam inside crack!

  7. We got a good cover with the barefoot spas 77LP. It’s pretty thick. Have no problems with it. My son put some heavy crates full of car parts on there once. I thought for sure the cover would collapse, but it survived! The weight was only on there for a few hours.

  8. I don’t know about the lid, but we’ve got the barefoot spa 77LP, and we love it! Didn’t put much though tin tot he cover. I mean let’s be honest, once you get in there, and get those foot massagers going, and all those other jets up and down your back and legs, you really think you’re gonna care about the lid?

    1. what color are the steps you got? Are they black? Mine aren’t so bad, but I noticed they got a little give to them. Not so sure how they’re gonna hold up. Did your steps break or something?

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