The customer service has been excellent


Ron from Towson, Maryland

Barefoot spas 77LM

Rating: 5.0

Barefoot spas 77LM Review
The customer service has been excellent


My wife picked out a barefoot spa from a showroom at the fairgrounds. I met the salesman over the phone, and he was very professional. I wasn’t involved until it came time to approve and pay for it. The interaction was pleasant and acceptable to my standards. I heard good things about barefoot spas before. The price was acceptable, quality was there, so I approved, did the transaction, and what do you know? Happy wife!

When the spa arrived at our home a few days later, 3 gentlemen moved it on it’s end with a special dolly. They detached from the truck and moved it directly in place where we wanted it next to our outdoor kitchen and firepit. This took some finesse becuase of the several obstacles in the way between the driveway and the patio, but they got it done.

These guys were very nice as well which is the main reason I am writing this review. They got just about done with the install (they were packing up and practically leaving). Then, my wife decided she wanted the spa moved AGAIN slightly from where they originally put it. I thought for sure they would either say “Sorry mam but…”, or “Thats against our policy”, or maybe an eye roll or a sarcastic remark?? but no, nothing but a sincere smile! They completed the request assuring us that it was not a big deal and they were there to “Make sure we are happy, comfortable with your new spa, and all is well with you before we move on to the next delivery”.

It ended up taking them another 30 min to fulfill that request, but saved ME hours and hours of trying to figure out how to move this very large spa on my own (which I think weighs about 800 pounds empty). This part of the experience with barefoot spas alone was the most impressive part. It’s not so much what a company does, but it’s how they do it, and the barefoot spas customer service has was excellent. We have been very happy thus far with pretty much every aspect of this purchase.

Also, I might note, the spa itself is quite nice and the jets are are much more powerful compared to others we’ve seen. This is what she wanted, so all is well. Great purchase and great experience all around!

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