I enjoy this hot tub


Doug from Dunwoody, GA

Barefoot Spas 77LB

Rating: 4.0

Barefoot 77LB Spa Review
I enjoy this hot tub


We were at the spa expo show a couple years back and we purchased the barefoot spa 77LB model. We got a lot of use out of it so far. Only thing I wish it had was more jets. My wife for my birthday got me some extra headrests, and a bar type shelf thing for the side because there are no cup holders.

I had the hot tub hooked up to a 110v line at first and upgraded the line to a 220v. Way more power behind the jets now. If I ever get another hot tub, I will get one upgraded from the one I have to get more power, more jets, features, etc. This is the first one I ever had and we got good use out of it in 2 years, and no problems.

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